We Are the "SHOW!"

Blown Door Car Exhibition Series



Wild Action, Smokey Burnouts, Big Crowds, Autographs, Parades, T-Shirt Launchers, Frisbees & Crowd Interaction!!!

** A cash and/or product awards per race event. 

     The contests are held during each racing event.

  • 10 top/show quality race cars
  • 10 professional race teams
  • 10 professional race rigs
  • Over 30,000 autograph cards handed out per year
  • Literature display at our trailers
  • Track PA announcements about your company
  • Product sample display and distribution to your potential customers
  • Additional car shows and displays done throughout the year
  • Links to our website
  • Media coverage by social media and various racing websites


                                                     A Personalized Marketing Program Can Also be Developed
                                              To Meet Your Company's Needs, Budget or Ideas

Examples of some additional programs:

  • Reaction Time Contest
  • Best package award (time and reaction time combined)
  • Number one qualifier award
  • Top MPH
  • Bounty hunter awards

SuperCharged Thunder is a ten member group of SuperCharged Drag Race vehicles, driven by highly colorful drivers, designed to entertain the race fans and their families for that day's/evening's "Show!" and to provide maximum exposure for their sponsors.


  • 96% own a set of tools
  • 79% own a car stereo
  • 91% perform own vehicle maintenance
  • 79% are beer consumers
  • 79% purchase aftermarket items from parts stores/mail order
  • 87% have cable or satellite TV
  • 32% plan to buy a car or truck in the next 12 months
  • 94% are soft drink consumers
  • 92% own a camera
  • 76% will purchase from a convenience store two times per week
  • 85% own a cellular phone
  • 77% own a computer
  • 81% are connected to the internet

Audience demographics


SuperCharged Thunder Racers
are fan friendly and professional.
We know how to treat your potential customers!
Get them all for the same price as one!

We are the "SHOW!"