We Are the "SHOW!"

Bob Mermuys, President Bar's Products

SuperCharged Thunder is a ten member group of Supercharged Drag Race vehicles, driven by highly colorful drivers, designed to entertain the race fans and their families for that day's/evening's "Show!" and to provide maximum exposure for their sponsors.


The goal of SuperCharged Thunder is to bring back the AA/Gasser experience from the past, have cars that the fans can root for, long smoky burn-outs, side-by-side racing, personal interaction with the drivers and teams, autograph cards for the kids and adults, brand rivalries, bounties placed on the drivers, pre-show parades and displays. These are just some of the experiences during a "Thunder Show"!

"I wanted to have a motorsports group that was part of my marketing arm for Bar's Products (Bar's Leaks) and the SuperCharged Thunder Series is it!"



We are committed to delivering an exciting and professional event you can be proud of. 

Norwalk Night Under Fire Race

"In all of my years in Drag Racing, I have never seen a Racing Group with this much potential and these types of cars. You guys are special!"

Blown Door Car Exhibition Series



Wild Action, Smokey Burnouts, Big Crowds, Autographs, Parades, T-Shirt Launchers, Frisbees & Crowd Interaction!!!

Bill Bader, Jr., President of Norwalk Raceway Park